Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Bonus Post: Tweeting from the Shadows

Just to let you all know, I'm going to be live tweeting our Shadowrun/In Nomine/Cthulhu mash-up game tonight. Let me bring you up to speed:

The Characters:
Hunter: A famous Matrix personality and paranormal investigator who is mildly magic proof.
Yuri: An unstable Russian mad bomber and safecracker with a developing PTSD problem (me)
Moretti: A UCAS military contractor. Combat medic and mage.
Lt. Franco: A dwarf Shaman and CAS Navy SeAL. Played by Palladium's Wayne Smith.
Maj. Nigel: A detached SAS special operative: Orc, Combat Mage, Wanted International Terrorist
Bogart: A private investigator and the group's face. A physical adept with a wicked punch
Cleric: A clandestine operative of the Church of Rome with amnesia. Hell on wheels with pistols

The Lowdown:
A secretive philanthropic organization seeks the raising of Atlantis to bring about world peace. Unfortunately, this will also raise R'lyeh and wake mighty Cthulhu from his dreaming death. The hosts of Heaven and Hell have put their ancient war on hold long enough to keep the fish people from bringing the Old Gods back to Earth, and the characters are stuck right in the middle.

The Run:
The players, working for the secret international quasi-governmental organization Operation Majestic Lantern, have just busted a crazy but popular simsense actress out of a tony private psych hospital in Beverly Hills. Upon interrogating her, the players learn that she was filming The King in Yellow, a play that drives people who read or see it insane. Now they need to find the "Lost Carcosa" that the actress was babbling about, and shut down filming with extreme prejudice.

The Result:
Hilarity will ensue. Oh, yes. Yes it will. Stay tuned!

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