Friday, June 11, 2010

Hastur, Hastur, Hastur. See? Nothing hap...

Welp, that's it. Sadly, we did not all die in a nuclear fire while being consumed by a Shoggoth. There were, however, a few casualties. While we were crossing Lake Hali in a boat made of bones, Franco, our own Wayne Smith, decided he'd jump into the lake, which was made of mist, to see where the light beneath us was coming from. Of course it was the gate to Hastur's realm, and while down there in the mist he happened to look upon the face of The King in Yellow himself and was instantly driven mad. So, there's one. Then Yuri went absolutely apeshit when Franco started speaking to him in Yuri's mother's voice, blaming him for the miscarriage of a sister he'd never heard of. Yuri was then tranqued when he tried to twist Franco's head off. This all culminated when the remainder of the party lowered the nuke into the gate and buggered off back to Carcossa and eventually back to Earth where, as we discovered in the epilogue, they were put to work ferreting out and destroying the last vestiges of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Sadly, it was during the denouement that it was revealed that Yuri did, in fact, come to an unfortunate end. After intensive therapy and behavioral modification, Yuri was brought back to operational status with the team and even went on a few missions until at last he tricked the job into killing him as a way to end his constant emotional pain.

Now, I realize the the guys I play with and I may be in the minority here in regards to what we think is a positive outcome, but all in all it was a great way to wrap up a long and epic campaign. Sure there was a lot more Munin could have thrown at us, he could have kept us busy for years. It was better to go out on top, though. So now Shadowrun's over and it's time for me to take over as GM and run a Rogue Trader game. The RT game is already shaping up to have every session end with "and hilarity ensued", so it's looking good at first blush. I'll keep you posted.

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Chef Shawn said...

I am so jealous about the RT game. Thadd and I are hooked, and are hoping to start our own this fall. Unfortunately, neither of us will compare to you as a GM; but, we loved the world when played over the holidays.