Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Morning Mea Culpas: or Let Me Rephrase That...

It has come to my attention that I may have been a little less than charitable in my previous posts. Apparently I've painted my beloved Detroit as some sort of post-industrial Land of Wind and Ghosts where itinerant farmers scratch out a living amongst the bones of the auto industry, and my admittedly less than beloved hometown as a meth addled Gothic horror fairyland peopled by unemployed simpletons and radioactive zombie cows. While I suppose there's an element of truth in each statement, and I'll let you, gentle readers, winkle out the truth of both, it's not all starving packs of urban coyotes and babbling madwomen. So, to make up for my vicious slander, please enjoy the following links describing some of the best things to be found in each city.

Good things in Detroit: 

Eastern Market
Foran's Irish Pub
Lafayette Coney Island
Mudgie's Deli 
Cliff Bell's
Cafe 1923 (Hamtramck) 
The Guardian Building
Baker's Keyboard Lounge

The Detroit Institute of Arts
Bureau of Urban Living
Leopold's Books
John K. King Books
Campus Maritus
Showtime Detroit
Fox Theatre
Masonic Temple

Good Things in Wooster:
South Market Bistro
The Wooster Book Company
Books in Stock
Troutman Vineyards
Coccia House Pizza
Big Picture Cinema
Vulture's Knob
Broken Rocks Cafe
Tulipan Hungarian Bakery
Moorefield Pottery

See? It's not all bad.
Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.


John Reyst said...

Just saw your blog via RPG Blog II and noticed you're from Detroit. I'm in Royal Oak and just wanted to say hello to a fellow Michigan gamer. I'll be checking out your blog regularly now :)

(oh, btw, I run, a Pathfinder SRD site... not sure if you are into Pathfinder at all or not)

Levi said...

There was nothing wrong with our previous post. But thanks for the links. Even though you tell about the cool stuff you find in my home town, I still overlook this stuff.