Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday Highlights

No witty picture today. After spending a night on the floor in an undisclosed location, I'm not sure I even possess any wit. Anyway, here's a few nice things about Friday at Gencon:

  • Crowd: Happy, (mostly) healthy nerds in their glory. Costumes are good for the most part. People are nice. Lots of exposed flesh, some of it even worth being exposed! Also, there are a ton of people here.
  • Vendor Hall: I see game companies. They're everywhere, and they don't even know they want to hire me! But they will. The vendor hall is rockin', Fantasy Flight has a huge-ass booth with a large demo area wherein I played Descent and where I'll go mad today playing Arkham Horror. Sadly, White Wolf seems much reduced, has no product for sale, and their booth is essentially a sad imitation of a New Orleans beer hall. I've been in LARPs that were better outfitted than that booth.
  • Panels: I sat one panel with Sam from Fantasy Flight discussing Rogue Trader. I attended another given by Matt Forbeck, Bryan Tillman and his afro, Owen K.C. Stevens, and Jeff Tidball. Very informative and I took copious notes. They were all, to a man, gracious, generous and hilarious.
  • Ennies: I went to the Ennies last night as a guest of Fantasy Flight. Unsurprisingly, Paizo swept everything, earning about a brazillion awards for Pathfinder. Eclipse Phase and Diaspora also won some very well deserved awards, which was nice.
So, yeah. There you go. I've already had a good time, met some great people, and ended up with my business card case more full of other people's cards than my own, which is pretty good I'd say. I'll be driving tomorrow, so I can't promise anything in the way of an update. Y'all have a good weekend.

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