Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Still Not Dead

It's true, I'm still not Dead. I've been quiet lately thanks to dadding, a sort of creative malaise, and plain writerly laziness. I recently finished up another big ass project for FFG, and now I'm casting about for other paying projects. Right now, though, I'm starting pre-production on my Cold War super hero/super spy setting AEGIS vs. SPIDER. I'm looking to put together maybe a fifty page PDF covering the setting including the main agencies (AEGIS and SPIDER) and other affiliated agencies, important NPCs, player and GM guidance, and a bunch of other stuff that I think you'll think is neat. We'll see though. The inestimable Jason Richards has offered to help me with layout, since he's got some experience and I know dick about layout/design. We'll see how it goes. Right now I need to digest a bunch of OSS/CIA and Imperial Russian/Soviet intelligence history and set to work. Updates may be sporadic. No more sporadic than they've been, though.

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Levi said...

I love AEGIS vs. SPIDER. I'm you and JR will do a bang up job with this.