Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Filler: Break Time!

Time for a break!

So, in my constant quest to leverage the synergy of social media with all the Googles and YouTubes and Faceyspaces and such, I've come up with yet another harebrained scheme to help me get the word out about Motor City Gamewerks. That's right, we're now using to organize get-togethers of like minded game writers and designers in the Detroit Metro Area (of which I'm one of probably a half-dozen, but oh well). So, if you're in the Metro Area, are currently working in the games industry or would like to be a writer or game designer in the games industry, stop on by and have a beer with us! The Link is below:


A.L. said...

Good luck with the idea. Not in the Metro area, but hope it works out for you.

Sam said...

You should have meetups somewhere further north. Like...Minneapolis!